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COVID Vaccinations & Boosters at your Workplace or Sporting Club.

What does Vital Health Checks do?

We come to you with Super Mobile Health Vans and conduct on the spot Health Risk Assessments using state of the art technology.

Why is it Vital?

Regular health checks can help detect potential health issues before they become a problem. By receiving a health check you are taking an important step toward living a longer, healthier life.

The benefits of Vital Health Checks include:
• Reduced risk of getting sick
• Early detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases
• Increased chances for treatment and cure
• Limited risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions
• Increase lifespan and improved health
• Reduced healthcare costs over time

Experienced Nurses
Happy Employees
Healthier Businesses

What do we check?

We check all aspects of your employees health, we leave no stone unturned and give you an overall score of the health of your employees.

Blood Pressure

We evalutate the employee’s blood pressure and we advise them on ways that they can better there results.

Heart Check-ups

We check the overall health of your heart and all vital signs conntected to it. Very important in overall health checks.


We check your employees hearing health and give them a score rating which they can compare againts at our next visit.

Bones & Joint Health

We use the latest technology to check the bone & joint health of your complete body. This detmermines your overall bodys age, people are suprised with the results.


Checking your Body Mass Index is vital because most importantly your metobolic age is often related to your medical age.

Eye Check

We perform a thorough eye check and determine what the employee vision is rated at. Whether you wear glasses or not this is a great way to determine overall health of the eyes.

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