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Life Education Programs

At Vital Health Checks we provide the newest most up to date Life Education Programs that help your employees reach the peak of the mountain when it comes to their personal Health and Motivation to work to the best of their ability.

Our Programs revolve around personal happiness, being positive and achievement. We don’t focus on negativity like a lot of other mental health programs.

Our Education Programs revolve around three key aspects that have meaningful impact:

⦁ Real Life Experiences that employees can both relate to and take great motivation from
⦁ Subject Matter expertise
⦁ Health Science and Teaching from qualified Medical Specialists i.e. Psychologists

We provide the best speakers and education materials in relation to

⦁ Being the best you can be
⦁ Dealing with General and Mental Health Issues
⦁ Life Happiness

We tailor make programs to suit your employees taking into consideration age, sex, location, work hours to teach them to become match winners.

Our Programs:

⦁ Becoming the best you can be
⦁ Dealing with General & Mental Health in today’s world (Future Happiness)

Short & Practical: We have 30 – 60 min programs that are designed to minimise disruption to the working day. This program can either be delivered to all staff at once or in multiple sessions throughout the day.

Conferences: We deliver either half or full day programs designed to motivate and set up plans for future achievement both at work and home.

Our programs are all about positiveness.

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